The Warm Up

When you're drinking coffee everyday why shouldn't it taste amazing and bring a whole host of health benefits too?

Since discovering the exciting world of speciality coffee it's become difficult to get enjoyment from drinking inferior quality coffees.

Barbells & Beans mission is to introduce the exciting and delicious world of speciality coffee to hard training athletes as well as those who appreciate a quality coffee.  For too long people have relied on tasteless instant and mainstream coffee for their caffeine fix, its time for that to change...

Barbells.... Why Barbells?

Barbells & Beans began from a love of speciality coffee and a passion for training.  In 2012 I retired from professional rugby as a tight-head prop and since then have worked in speciality coffee and strength training.

Playing rugby at the highest level I have always been aware of the power of strength training quality nutrition.  Since retiring I have gone on to win Strongman competitions, compete in powerlifting and shed a tonne of body fat. Through training myself and others I've gained a sound knowledge of program design for strength, muscle building and reducing body fat.

To dominate the barbell you need to be physically and mentally prepared.  Barbells & Beans recognises this and seeks to bring the best coffee and apparel to help achieve mental focus and a physical edge.

& Beans.... Lets talk about Coffee

Barbells & Beans coffee's are made from ethically sourced speciality graded coffee from South America and Africa.  Its a fine art of getting the most from the  raw green beans, the coffee is roasted in small batches with a lighter roast profile to maximise flavour and keep the optimum caffeine content. 
The result is 'Power Blend' bursting with flavour and supercharged with caffeine quality, perfect to smash a workout or anytime you're looking for a boost. 

Big in taste and full of goodness

Every cup of Power Blend is naturally loaded with antioxidants and has a rich flavour notes of milk chocolate, nuts and raisins. 

The colour of taste

What colour should coffee beans be? Brown, duh! But most aren't.  A quality coffee should be a warm rich brown. Inferior coffee on the other hand tends to look dark and black, tar like.  'Power Blend' coffee is roasted to maintain a strong caffeine kick without tasting bitter and burnt.

New Coffees

The Barbells & Beans coffee range will change throughout the year aiming to bring the best in season coffees from around the world. Look out for regular updates.